Bad Habits that are Hurting Your Teeth


Sometimes habits develop without us realizing their impact on our overall health. The first step of eliminating a bad habit is to acknowledge its potential danger. Below are a few common bad habits. If you do one of these, consider stopping to improve your oral health.

Baby a Bottle in Bed

This may sound like a harmless routine that can help your baby fall asleep after a long day. However, sleeping with a baby bottle can damage your child’s gums and even cause cavities. Even in breast-milk, there are sugars that can turn into acids. Prolonged exposure to these sugars allows the acids to breakdown their gum tissue and tooth enamel. Only give your baby their bottle for the duration of their feeding. Afterwards gently wipe their gums with a wet cloth to remove the leftover sugars.

Bad habits

Teeth Grinding

Whether it is a stressful drive home or a bad nightmare, teeth grinding can negatively affect your oral health. It can add stress on your jaw, also known as your  temporomandibular joint (TMD). This pressure can damage your TMD and surrounding gum tissue. Reduce grinding by wearing a night-guard crafted by the Cedar Bluff team.

Cough Drops

Constantly eating cough drops can damage the enamel on your teeth which increases your risk for cavities. Most cough drops are coated in sugar that reacts with the sticky plaque laying on your tooth’s outer layer. These sugars turn into acids that develop holes into your tooth. If you eat a cough drop remember to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water afterward.

Potato Chips

Just like sugars, sticky plaque on your teeth react to starches in a similar way. When starchy food such as, a potato chip, becomes stuck between your teeth it can turn into acid. Therefore increasing your risk for a cavity.

If you practice one of these bad habits consider stopping today! Improving your oral health begins with good oral health habits. For more information about oral health tips contact Dr. Bayer at Cedar Bluff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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