Kid’s Dentists – What You Need To Know


Great oral health starts with good oral health habits that you develop as a child. To give your child the best head start with their oral and overall health, help them develop good hygiene young. This can range from regular dental appointment to setting an at-home oral health routine.

Your Baby’s First Dental Appointment

Bring your baby to Cedar Bluff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry when their first tooth emerges or when they turn six months old. During their first appointment, Dr. Bayer will examine their mouth and look for abnormalities. Misaligned or missing teeth in young children can cause eating and speech difficulties. Additionally, he will remind you of the best ways to care for your baby’s oral health. This includes brushing your baby’s new teeth and preventing baby bottle tooth decay. This can happen when your baby is put to bed with their bottle and the sugars in the milk start to decay their teeth. Further, a continual sucking motion, especially into their older toddler years, can cause further orthodontic problems. In conclusion, baby teeth are just as important as permeant teeth. They help pave the way for adult teeth and teach children how to care for their oral health.

Oral Health Routine

Developing An Oral Health Routine With Your Child

A great oral health routine for an older child or adult is brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing at least once per day. When your child is little, wiping their gums after meals or brushing their new teeth twice a day can help them establish this routine. The second part to a good oral health routine is visiting Dr. Bayer at Cedar Bluff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at least twice per year for a cleaning and once per year for an oral exam. Following these steps and keeping a close relationship with your friends at Cedar Bluff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will help you maintain good oral health throughout your life!

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