Dentist In Simpsonville, SC

Dr. Bayer and his staff were able to fit me in this afternoon (had a painful tooth even though I had just had my regular checkup at another dentist a month or so ago with no problems detected). Everyone there was friendly, courteous and professional. Dr. Bayer explained what was going on, started me on some medication and set out a plan going forward. I look forward to getting rid of the pain and finding a new dentist here in Simpsonville (nice to not have to go to Greenville).

Barbara J.

I have to say this has to be the best experience I have ever had at a dentist!!!!!!!! I have been to several dentist and each time had struck a little more fear in me because of bad staff, and doing procedures just to collect money from the insurance company. I was very suspicious of all of them. I came to a point I had to trust, and after reviews and searches far and wide I decided to give Cedar Bluff a try. I am so glad that I did it was the best experience with Dr. Bayer and his staff. I also had a procedure done, and they were excellent!!!! Thank you for your honesty and your care that you showed me, and you continue to show me!!

Traci S.

I absolutely love Cedar Bluff! I love that they have evening appointments and the staff is always amazing!! Tonight I learned a lot about my teeth and how to take extra care with certain issues. We even shared a few laughs. How many people can say they have a good time at their dentist’s office? They care about their patients and you can tell! 🙂

Danielle C.

Moved here from California recently and absolutely love this place. Dr. Bayer is THE BEST, the staff is second to none, and you just feel as if they’ve known you for years with the level of comfort they give from the minute you walk in. I highly recommend this office. By the way, they even send you a text prior to your appointment to which you are able to text back whatever questions you may have prior to your appointment AND... they even text you a sweet message, post appointment, letting you know how much they value you as a patient! WHO DOES THAT? ... Cedar Bluff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry does!

Amber R.